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Gerald Light And The Etherians

During the 1950s and 60s there were three channelers or mediums that had a large impact on the ideas and writings presented by Borderland Sciences Research Foundation (BSRF) directors Meade Layne and Riley Crabb. They were Mark Probert, Ralph Holland (Rolf Telano) and Gerald Light (Dr. Kappa). Two of the channelers, Holland and Light, can also be regarded as UFO contactees. Mark Probert and Ralph Holland are quite well known and biographical data is presented both in books, articles and on the internet. But when it comes to Gerald Light information is very hard to find, except a few comments and articles in BSRF´s magazine Round Robin. An internet search will almost only give references to Light´s famous 1954 letter to Meade Layne, with the story of Eisenhower´s meeting with space people.

One of the reasons for this scarcity of data on Gerald Light is probably because the many booklets and pamphlets he wrote were published on low quality paper, which today is so fragile that it is almost impossible to handle without destroying. In the BSRF archive donated to AFU, I have found, besides the original 1954 letter, no less than thirty booklets written by Gerald Light. They are so fragile that it will be impossible to keep them in our regular AFU library so I have digitized all booklets to preserve them for research and study.

I have not been able to determine the year of birth and death of Gerald Light but from a biographical and UFO research viewpoint his 1953 booklet Signs In The Skies is the most informative. He was born in Peking, China, the son of Irish diplomats. In 1930 he worked at the Presbyterian College in Allahabad, probably as a teacher. It was here he realized that his destiny was to go to America:

”When, in 1930, I first learned, as did all mankind, of the discovery of the strange planet Pluto… I first heard this sensational bit of news as I sat at my desk in the Chumbi Valley, a little bit of paradise nestling just beneath the towering heights of the Himalayan Mountains between India and Tibet. In the same mail that brought this news there was a magazine which pictured the amazing buildings which were to be a part of the World´s Fair in Chicago…I knew also that, somehow, I must find my way to Chicago and personally stand before such creations… I had heard the Call – and I set forth upon what was to prove by far the most important voyage I have made in this mortal world of earthly men. In a very real way I was to become an ambassador of the Aquarian Age.”

Gerald Light was no stranger to the occult world and had spent years in meditation and prayer. He was obviously clairvoyant and claims an almost daily awareness of  the ”invisible worlds” and having met and conversed with various beings including devas and nature spirits. The Chicago World´s Fair was held May 27, 1933 - October 31, 1934. It was during this period that Gerald Light arrived i Chicago and it was here he met an extraterrestrial for the first time: ”I contacted my first Flying Saucer at the Chicago World´s Fair in 1933… in 1933 I knew nothing of Flying Saucers”. The encounter occured during a bright Summer morning near the shores of Lake Michigan: ”… as I turned a corner in a rather deserted section of the ground, I came face to face with what I can only call the Presence. He, or She, was not of our earth. This I knew instantly, completely – and fearfully, the moment my eyes met His. Deep within myself I heard, my mind, my soul perhaps, I heard these words: ”Son of Aquarius! Flame of Uranus! Witness the White Company in the Land of the Heights. Hear Our Message, observe Our Genius! Prepare!”

”… this Being bore but slight resemblance to a human man. A single, solitary eye blazed in his forehead. It pierced me to the quick of my soul. This ”eye” was more than an eye. It is the one thing I remember most clearly about this astonishing personage from worlds beyond our own. The ”eye, which seemed almost to be a composite brain in itself, was perfectly round and divided into hundred of facets of surfaces somewhat like a multicolored jewel. Surrounding the eye, which rested in the center of a large head, beautifully shaped and bordered with a kind of hair which looked more like fine metallic wires than ordinary hair, around the eye was a vivid circle of delicately contrived muscles. These were automatic in their action, similar to the pupil of a cat´s eye, expanding or contracting according to the requirements of the light touching it. This Being stood easily twelve feet in height, yet the body was a s large as our standards of proportion would expect. He was slender, almost to the point of delicacy; yet for some reason I sensed that his weight was enormous. I had the impression that I was observing a man of granite and lead, rather than of flesh and blood.”

A couple of years after this seminal event Gerald Light traveled to Wyoming to spend a year at the Teton Mountains. On the night of September 16, 1936 he observed a hugh spherical object emerge from the top of the highest peak, the Grand Teton. Golden sparks emitted from the object which illuminated the landscape. It made a wide circle around the mountain top and disappeared. ”Since that foreboding day nearly twenty years ago, I have personally and consciously contacted the People of the Space Ships many times”, narrates Light. ”I had met The Masters. The Masters! I had met Those overwhelming Beings Who, verily! Are The Lords of the Universe!... Today I am in frequent contact with These Forces That Control the destinies of many planets; subjectively, that is, in my sleep and hours of meditation and prayer.”

There is not much information about Gerald Light´s activities in the 1940s. He appears to be one of the founders of The Aquarian Society in 1941. An association of occultists and Christian mystics working for the coming of ”The Lord Aquarion” (Christ) who ”entered the Etheric Aura of our Earth on Christmas Day 1941” and will stay until Christmas Day 2011. In the 1950s Gerald Light founded The Lodge of Light in Los Angeles and then his contact with Meade Layne of BSRF began. The Lodge of Light published 36 lessons, Harmonics, many small booklets, a bulletin and also a magazine named Galaxies.

I have read most of the booklets written by Gerald Light. They are a curious mixture of various occult ideas, esotericism and messages from the Etherians. Light has a tiresome tendency not being able to get to the point. Eighty percent of the text could easily be discarded as general talk. Some of the booklets give me the same reading experience as when confronted with the intellectual and philosophical quicksand of the Krishnamurti works. In one of his Etheric Notes Light mention that there is often great confusion at the question and answer period after his lectures. He compares this situation with ”reciting The Iliad to the gold-fish in my lily pond expecting them to follow me verse by wondrous verse.”

Long Beach Independent, February 20, 1954

Light claims to have been a student of the mystic and philosopher George Gurdjieff which is reflected in several booklets: ”The Etherian technique for achieving ”immortality” (relative of course) is reasonably simple in the early lessons, and possibly quite enjoyable to some as it has to do with eating and drinking and use, generally, of all our five senses… Briefly, my instruction on this point was to taste every bit of food as though my future life depending upon recognizing all of the separate flavors contained in the food. Smell, - the same way. Look, see, in the same attitude… Let me refer you to Gurdjieff… He was famous for his ability to consume tons of food, and not get unusually fat. His office was lined with shelves crammed full of exotic and peculiar delicicies which he nibbled on constantly… Asleep his body could be lifted by two men; awake, a dozen of us could not budge him. To this day I carry a scar on my left wrist, the result of his hand being laid casually over mine. The pressure, inert weight, was so great it burst the tissues and skin of my left wrist.” 
(Gerald Light, Etheric Notes 2).

It is almost impossible to distinguish a clear wordview from the writings of Gerald Light. There are many contradictions. Sometimes it is only the Etherian Masters who have real knowledge of the universe while all other metaphysical systems and Masters are obsolete. While in the next booklet reference is given to the classic Esoteric Tradition. The following to quotations could even be interpreted as that the Etherians are materialists:

”Could it be, with abject apologies to the CS`ers, that there is nothing but matter? That Matter is the One Supreme Element of the Universe of Universes. The God of Gods, the Heavenly Absolute of Absolutes??? The Etherians say – Yes! They of OuterSpace declare Matter to the the All of All. The magnificently superior Beings streaking through our skies insist that ”beyond matter there is nothing”.
(Gerald Light, Etheric Notes 4).

”Why do we lose our chemical instruments, when the mountains, the seas endure ”forever?” Because, The Etherian Friends tell us, because we have no conscious awareness of the ”divine” or eternal nature of our chemically-compounded bodies. Why is this true? Largely because we simply choose to ignore the reactions of these chemicalized organs as we live our daily hours through.”
(Gerald Light, Etheric Notes 5).

An internet search for Gerald Light will almost exclusively yield references to his classic 1954 letter to Meade Layne on Eisenhower´s meeting with extraterrestrials. The obvious questions is of course why would an relatively unknown California occultist be invited to such a historic event? Given that this contact actually happened I can think of two options.
1. Gerald Light witnessed this event but with the help of remote viewing or astral travel.
2. He heard rumors of the Eisenhower contact with extraterrestrials and made it his own story.

There are in fact several individuals who claims to have witnessed the contact. Some of these stories have been summarized by Timothy Good in his latest book Earth An Alien Enterprise. Very intersting is also the follow-up research made by William Moore. He tried to get to the bottom om the rumor by checking official sources at the Eisenhower library and in 1979 interviewing the widow of dentist Dr. Purcell. The official explanation of Eisenhower´s sudden disappearance from Palm Springs February 20, 1954 is that he at a dinner knocked a cap off a tooth and had been taken to a local dentist for treatment. Moore found that Dr. Purcell´s widow were unable to recall any specifics relating to her husband´s alleged treatment of the president. Neither is there any record at the Eisenhower library of any dental work performed in February 1954 although the library maintains extensive records relating to the president´s health. Moore concludes: ”Clearly something occurred involving President Eisenhower on the evening of February 20, 1954. Whether it was a trip to the dentist, a trip to Muroc, or something altogether different and unrelated, remains a matter of conjecture.” 
(Ike and The Aliens, Focus, vol. 1, no. 2, April 30, 1985.)

Meade Layne frequently commented on the experiences of Gerald Light in Round Robin. And he appears to have a very high regard for his contacts and knowledge: ” When publishing his Etheric Notes, Layne wrote: ”In my opinion, as a student and novice of occutism and the physical sciences, this is the most important material of its kind which has yet appeared in Borderland Sciences publications… Gerald Light, better known to our readers as Dr. Kappa, will be remembered for his singular and unhappy adventure with Etherian visitors (described by us  three years ago – Transcripts IV and V, 1950. He is a man of rare gifts and unquestionable integrity, and in my opinion a very great occultist.” Meade Layne also made the note that ”We accept the M.P. controls, who are always sui generis.”
(Round Robin, vol. 9, no. 5, Jan-Feb. 1954, p. 2).

Riley Crabb, who entered as director of BSRF in 1959 was seemingly of a different opinion regarding Gerald Light.  In 1960 Riley Crabb received an undated letter from Theosophist Evna Edmundson, who expressed grave doubts concerning Light. He had been invited to speak for the Theosophical Society headed by Edmundson. As she was very knowledgeable about astrology she, before the lecture, asked Light som questions. But he proved to have a very superficial knowledge of the subject and only delivered a few platitudes: ”I gave him plenty of rope and he ”hung himself in moments” with me”. Just as the lecture was about to begin Gerald Light slipped out, telling someone at the door he had another engagement.

In his reply, January 18, 1960, Riley Crabb wrote: ”Certainly appreciate your reply to my query about Isabel Devereux. Frankly I was curious about her relations with the occult Gerald Light. I have heard she sponsored him in some classes there in New Orleans in 1954, I believe. Then apparently she discovered he wasn´t all he claimed to be and tried to expose him. If she succeeded in this apparently it had no effect because I have recently received publicity from him, with a New Orleans address. Many of our associates are still intersted in him and his work and are asking about him. If my advice is to be of any value to them I must know the truth. I certainly wouldn´t want to be responsible for urging anyone to study under a charlatan.”

Riley Crabb

About ten years later Riley Crabb had obviously formed an opinion on Gerald Light and his contacts very far from that of Meade Layne. In his 15-part series articles, Inspired By The Dark Forces he wrote: ”Was Himmler really human or was he a humanoid , a soul-less monster, an invader from some dying planet, desperately trying to gain a foothold on this one?...In his writings to Meade Layne back in the 1950s, Gerald Light gave us a eyewitness description of such a Pagan God from beyond Saturn…  Gerald ”Dr. Kappa” Light was a devoted student of Gurdjieff, and Gurdjieff was one of Aghartas free agents in Europé during the buildup of the Nazi power in the 1920s and 30s. Before World War he was at the court of the Dalai Lama in Lhassa, instructing that holy? Man in the arts of black magic. In view of all this I´m inclined to suspect that Light´s Uranian-Aquarian was really a Plutonian trying to direct the world crisis to His own purposes… through the Nazis and other extremist groups.”
(Round Robin, vol. 27, no. 6, Nov-Dec. 1971, p. 33).

Whatever the truth about Gerald Light he was a fascinating figure in the underground world of mystics and occultists. He claimed to have been a member of most of the known metaphysical and esoteric societies in the 20th century and have a library consisting of  more than six thousand volumes upon every phase of occultism and mysticism. But I can only wonder at the spiritual discernment of a man who listen in awe to a giant, one-eyed robot-like humanoid, who suddenly materialize proclaiming: ”observe Our Genius”.

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The Riley Crabb Correspondence

Readers of my blog are aware of that the very extensive and unique archive of Borderland Sciences Research Foundation (BSRF) has been donated to AFU, arriving in two large shipments. The major part, 72 boxes, donated in July 2016 by present BSRF director James Borges, Eureka, California. The second shipment, seven boxes, donated in April 2018 by Thomas J.Brown, New Zealand, director of BSRF 1985-1995. Of special interest to me has been the large correspondence file of my late friend and mentor Riley Crabb (1912-1994), director of BSRF 1959-1985. So far I have reviewed and digitized 300+ letters to and from Riley Crabb, written between 1952-1989. This collection gives a profound and fascinating insight into his life and work of inestimable value to ufologists, esotericists and researchers of paranormal phenomena.

Riley Crabb

Riley Crabb was born on April 2, 1912 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 1934 he discovered the library of the Theosophical Society in Minneapolis and became an avid reader of all the literature he could find. In this search he may have been inspired by his mother, Mrs. Eunice Crabb, who was a student of philosopher and esotericist Manly Palmer Hall, founder of the Philosophical Research Society. In Minnesota Riley married Marion Crabb. During World War Two military service took him to Hawaii and he returned to the islands in 1946 working as journalist for the mid-Pacific edition of Stars & Stripes. The career continued as publications editor and information specialist at Naval Supply Center, Pearl Harbour. A job he handled with great skill receiving a $200 cash reward from Rear Admiral J.L. Herlihy: ”… in recognition of your superior performance of assigned and additional duties”. (Letter from Rear Admiral J.L. Herlihy, Oct. 5 1955). It was in Hawaii that Riley Crabb met his second wife Judy and the couple settled in Honolulu.

Riley with his mother Eunice Crabb

Interest in UFOs began when Riley found an article on flying saucers in True magazine 1950. Already in 1951 he joined Borderland Sciences Research Foundation and started lecturing on UFOs in 1954. This resulted in founding of the Akualele Research Group 1956. Akualele is a local word for ”godly fireballs” or ”fire spirits”. During this time Riley Crabb was also President of The Honolulu Lodge of The Theosophical Society in Hawaii and deeply fascinated by the native kahuna religion and magic of Hawaii, which he learned from Charles Kenn, David ”Daddy” Bray Kino Lau and others.

Riley Crabb during a Televison show in Honolulu

During 1955-1956 Riley corresponded briefly with astronomer and ufologist Morris Jessup. In one of his letters Jessup planned to write about the more esoteric ”Elder Brother theme”, but nothing came of this idea. As esotericist Riley Crabb realized, in the 1950s, that his special project or mission was to study the UFO enigma in relation to the Esoteric Tradition: ”With my years of study and membership in two Mystery Schools, the Rosicrucians and Theosophy, my particular field seems to be to relate the teachings of the Schools to the coming of the Saucers.” (Letter to Elvira Cleary, May 24, 1958). This was to be the unique approach during all his years of research and writing, thereby following in the footsteps and tradition of prominent esotericists such as Meade Layne and Desmond Leslie.

In August 1957 Riley and Judy left Hawaii and settled first in Barstow, California where Riley found work as Assistant Employee Relations Officer at the Marine Corps Supply Center. He tried to find a Civil Service job in San Diego but in June 1958 the couple instead left Barstow for Camarillo, California. Riley had applied for work as Visual Information Specialist at the U.S. Navy´s Pacific Missile Range, Pt. Mugu. Immediately after coming to California Riley began lecturing to various UFO- and other societies, especially the many local units of Understanding, founded by contactee Daniel Fry in 1955. He also maintained a voluminous correspondence with friends and fellow researchers. In this respect both Riley and Judy soon found themselves in demand as teachers and counsellors in the rather wild occult underground world of southern California. As esotericist Riley always tried to advocate balance and common sense in UFO and spiritual studies and investigation: ”I just wonder how long you must continue developing the devotional side of your nature before striking a balance? There comes a time in spiritual progress, you know, when love must be balanced with knowledge. By this I mean detailed knowledge of the higher worlds… You wont find this needed information in Joel Goldsmith or in Krishnamurti, nor in Christianity. All of these emphasize only one aspect of the Trinity, the devotional or love aspect. If you continue to shy away from the detailed knowledge of the higher worlds, which Theosophy can give you for instance, unbalanced development may eventually cause you as much unhappiness as did your previous condition.” (Letter to Guy Hedlund, January 11, 1959).

The Prospector, June 27, 1958 

In the same letter Riley also presented some critical comments on the UFO contactee scene in California: ”When they run out of personal experiences to tell, what have they got for the second time around the lecture circuit? One sad result is that the psychic racketeers move into the resulting vacuum with their phony stories. I try to sustain the points made in my talks with quotations from leading scientists, philosophers and other recognized authorities in their respective fields.”

During the Spring of 1959 Meade Layne´s health and eyesight declined and he started hinting in letters that he would have to close BSRF if a new director couldn´t be found. Riley and Judy travelled back and forth to San Diego several times discussing this issue. Finally they decided that BSRF must be saved at all costs and revealed their plans in a letter to Fred: ”Meade Layne, director of Borderland Sciences Research Associates,… has asked me to take over. Judy and I are going down this weekend to try to settle the deal and to see if I cant make a good living out of it for both of us. It certainly would be wonderful to put full time into BSRA as it is the ideal combination of Flying Saucers and metaphysics research, with a world wide mailing list and plenty of opportunity for writing and lecturing.” (Letter to Fred, April 30, 1959).

Riley Crabb ended his Civil Service career at Pt Mugu and on May 16, 1959 Riley and Judy moved to San Diego, where the BSRF headquaters was situated at 3516 Adams Avenue. Meade Layne resigned formally as director on June 1, 1959. Riley was now director, including editor of Round Robin and Judy secretary and treasurer. Taking over the BSRF business was a bigger job than they had anticipated. The headquarters was more run down than was at first apparent. But there was also another problem. Although BSRF was a non-profit association Meade Layne insisted on selling it as a business to his successors. They finally agreed on $1,200 to be paid at the rate of $50 a month. In Round Robin, October-November 1960 Riley Crabb explained that ”… Mr Layne had no legal or moral right to sell it; nor for that matter did I have any right to buy it”. But Riley and Judy accepted these terms as they regarded BSRF as such a unique organization that it must somehow survive. Soon they also discovered that BSRA had been incorporated as a not-for-profit foundation in 1951 but Meade Layne had never bothered to turn in any annual reports. To manage the first year they had to spend all their personal savings but they also received donations from members and survived the first hard years. BSRF was now there sole source of income. There is some problem whether to use the acronym BSRA or BSRF. Borderland Sciences Research Associates (BSRA) was an informal group created by Meade Layne in 1946. Borderland Sciences Research Foundation, Inc. was formed into a legal corporation on May 21, 1951. At the first board meeting in 1959 Riley Crabb suggested that the new name should be Borderland Sciences Research Associates Foundation. But usually the shorter version is used in writing.

Riley and Judy Crabb now began the hard work of getting BSRF into order while planning for a new home. The chose the small, peaceful town of Vista, California, and found a home at 1103 Bobolink Drive, which also eventually became the new BSRF headquarters. I´ve always admired Riley Crabb´s ambition and motto presented in his first Round Robin editorial, July-August 1959, under the headline, About the New Editor: "Since coming to the mainland my lectures have been concerned with the problem of relating Flying Saucer data, and phenomena, to the teachings of the Mystery Schools. I believe you´ll agree this is no easy task. If I have one goal in life it is un uncompromising search for Truth, whatever that might be, and wherever it may lead."

Riley and Judy Crabb at their new home in Vista, California, May 1962

Beginning with the January-February 1960 issue the name of the journal was changed to Round Robin. The Journal of Borderland Research. Riley Crabb soon became a well known and much appreciated lecturer on borderland subjects and the couple were often travelling to many cities acrosss the U.S. Lectures and donations was an important part of the income. As esotericist Riley was well aware of that the use of drugs was not the correct path in spiritual development but he was not afraid to make a test on himself. On December 28, 1964 he wrote to Dr. Timothy Leary describing an experiment with Mescaline. This was before Timothy Leary in 1966-1967 became the guru of the counterculture movement, with his famous phrase ”turn on, tune in, drop out”. Riley wrote: ” ”… I had a psychedelic experience at their Socorro, New Mexico clinic in the Spring of 1963… My reaction to the mescaline was positive, a very deep and satisfying spiritual experience.” Riley had been given half a gram of Mescalin at the clinic of Drs. John and Louis Aiken, Socorro, New Mexico. The visions hade lasted for six or seven hours and Judy sat beside Riley during the experiment and tape recorded the session. A very detailed description of this experiment was published in a 15- page article in Round Robin vol. 19, no. 5, July-August 1963.

Trevor James Constable and Riley Crabb, June 1962

Riley Crabb had for several decades a deep inpact on many ufologists. Still he has no separate entry in Ronald Story´s The Encyclopedia of UFOs or Jerome Clark´s The UFO Encyclopedia. One of the American ufologists that regularly corresponded with Riley Crabb and asked for advice and opinions was Joan O´Connell (Joan Whritenour), editor of Saucer Scoop 1966-1970. In one letter May 25, 1973 she wrote ”You know, I just don´t READ your material, I STUDY it. And I have for years.” After Joan had some problems with the controversial contactee Ted Owens, Riley Crabb wrote: ”… his connections with elementals he calls Saucer or Space Intelligences. My favorite Kabala teacher, Dion Fortune, warns us to beware of the self-trained occultist. In my estimation, Owens falls into that category. The fact that he drained you of energy during a visit points toward elemental vampirism. They get drunk on human vitality… That he is a truly dangerous character is proven by the willingness to call upp great storms and other destruction without a second thought or concern about the misery, death and destruction he is causing. He thinks he is using the SI´s to cause these spectacular demonstrations of elemental power, but in the long run he will discover that the Elementals are using him for their purpose. When he has served his purpose he´ll be tossed aside like a wet dishrag.” (Letter to Joan Whritenour, November 1, 1971). This warning is similar to the conclusion I reached after having read Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove´s book The PK man.

When reading Riley Crabb´s articles and booklets you immediately notice his profound knowledge of The Esoteric Tradition. There are constant references to Helena Blavatsky, Charles Leadbeater, Alice Bailey and many others. Regarding Alice Bailey he commented: ”D.K.`s Treatise On Cosmic fire should be in every metaphysician´s library.” (Letter to Joseph S. Haas, August 30, 1983). But Riley and Judy also wanted a more practical magical work, hence their study of Dion Fortune and Kahuna magic: ”The magickal system Judy and I study, the Cabala of the Western Mystery Tradition, has built-in safeguards for the calling forth and directing of these forces in constructive work. We are also well aware of the fact that our work is overshadowed by Inner Plane Teachers who supply knowledge and protection which saves us from burning ourselves to death in certain Alchemical experiments. The Arcane School of Alice Bailey is not our Path but we don´t hesitate to dip into the magnificent literature channeled through her for the edification of Students of the Mysteries here in America.” (Letter to Carl B. Cahill, October 30, 1976).

In 1984 Judy Crabb suffered from various health problems so Riley had to reduce his BSRF work and lecture engagements: ”This belated reply to yours of Aug 4th indicates how far behind I got attending five conventions in the Summer. Maybe I´ll have to cut down next year, or even pass them all up if Mrs. Crabb´s health does not improve. Right now I´m a male nurse, as well as housekeeper and director of BSRF, and janitor, and am not accepting any lecture invitations.” (Letter to Mary Marie Satterlee, American Society of Dowsers, October 14, 1984). Unfortunately Judy´s condition did not improve and she became bedridden with a combination of pneumonia and acute pancreatitis. Judy Crabb died on July 12, 1985. In Round Robin, vol. 41, no. 5, September-October 1985 Riley wrote In Memoriam:”Do not stand at my grave and weep. I am not dead. I do not sleep. Judith Miyama Crabb, July 31, 1909 – July 12, 1985”.

Riley Crabb at the home in Vista

After Judy´s death Riley found a new director of BSRF and editor of Round Robin in Thomas J. Brown who entered his responsibilities beginning 1986. Riley left for New Zeeland where he married theosophist Phyllis Hall in December 1985. He continued writing articles and booklets until his death in January 20, 1994. Unfortunately his widow consigned Riley´s private archive to the municipal dump. Perhaps this was not only the fault of Phyllis Crabb. In a letter to me May 27, 1984 Riley said: ” :”I did find the 1973 file in the attic and am enclosing a Squance letter for you to follow up on. All of this old material is going to the dump when I sell out here, hopefully later this year.” This attitude to archives is tragical and for me and my AFU colleagues impossible to understand. Why destroy your life work?

The Auckland Sun, February 22, 1988

Riley Crabb was in many ways a pioneering and unique researcher in the Forbidden Science. His approach to esotericism was eclectic and open minded, sometimes, in my opinion, too openminded, when presenting channeled messages. But he was an accomplished esotericist which he proved in his comment in a letter to me after I had sent him The Knowledge of Reality by Swedish esotericist Henry T. Laurency: ” ”Yes, we did receive the Laurency opus and thank you very much. It appears that he is an initiate of some standing in the Western Mystery Tradition, and has some interesting, even startling, observations on philosophy and occult science, past and present. The Knowledge of Reality is a welcome addition to our reference library.” (Letter to me, December 18, 1981).

I am deeply grateful for having known and corresponded with Riley Crabb. He was a mentor and a friend – even though we never met. It is a privilege for AFU today to be the custodians of the unique BSRF archive. A treasure trove of information for coming generations of scholars and researchers.

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The Enigma of Sonja Lyubicin

For many years I have collected information and documents about the early 1950s contactees with the object of trying find out what actually happened, to sort out fact from fiction. Not an easy task as the subject is somewhat taboo among scientific ufologists. My efforts so far has resulted in the theory presented in Esotericism And UFO Research.

George Adamski is of course the most well known and controversial but there are several other contactees during this era, often Adamski co-workers who are equally interesting. Some of  them with intelligence connections like Carol Honey. This also applies to the enigmatic woman Sonja Lyubicin. Not very much is known about her life and activities but I have received valuable help, data and documents from several fellow researchers. My special thanks goes to Tony Brunt, Joshua Buhs, Keith Basterfield and Bastien Bouhaniche. And also of course my old friend Timothy Good who for many years provided me with rare documents and transcripts of interviews. Unfortunately I have not heard from Tim for two years. If anyone out there knows what has happened to him, please contact me.

Tony Brunt

George Adamski was and still is a controversial figure in UFO history and this goes even more so for Sonja Lyubicin, as anyone can find out searching the internet. She was born on August 15, 1926 in Belgrad, Yugoslavia. Her parents Nikola Lyubicin and Maria Kina. According to documents from the National Archives of Australia (NAA) Sonja escaped from Yugoslavia in 1947 and became a refugee in Italy. On February 2, 1950 she emigrated to Australia and settled in Brisbane.

In the 1950s she associated with UFO groups in Australia and began corresponding with George Adamski, who asked her to be a co-worker and the IGAP representative for Australia (International Get Acquainted Program - IGAP). In this capacity she published a few issues of a small newsletter, named Letter Talk, beginning in 1958.

On July 21, 1959 Sonja travelled to the U.S. where she began working for George Adamski at Palomar Gardens. In 1960 she married Robert Long, a friend of Carol Honey. She also applied for a social security card in the U.S. as Sonja Long. In 1961 she ended her co-operation with Adamski. Sonja continued living in California and on July 12, 1979 married William Paul Appleton. She then changed her name to Sonya Appleton. They eventually settled in Honolulu, Hawaii where the marriage ended. Sonya died in Honolulu, just before her 63rd birthday, July 2, 1989.

Sonja Lyubicin (Hinfelaar family collection)

This is a short synopsis of the official life of Sonja Lyubicin, the name I will use in this blog. But there was also a very different side to her life. Although many of her claims were fantastic she was not a publicity seeker and never announced publicly that she was a contactee. To her friend Brenda Hinfelaar, Auckland, New Zealand Sonja told of her early life and escape from Yugoslavia: ”Brenda recalled that Sonya said that she had escaped from Yugoslavia during the war or after the communist takeover with the help of space people. She was allegedly flown out in a craft. She said that she had later recognised from Adamski’s craft photography that these were the people who had helped her. Hence, her interest and support for Adamski. She claimed that Adamski’s contact person Orthon had visited her in Brisbane, apparently calling in to her apartment. Surprisingly this appears to have been confirmed by Adamski…” (Email from Tony Brunt, August 24, 2012). 

George Adamski in New Zealand 1959 (Tony Brunt archive)

As a search on the internet will show Ray Stanford and Laura Mundo claimed that Sonja also had sexual relations with Orthon and other space people in Brisbane. I suppose this rumour could have a more worldly explanation in some young, resourceful Romeo having found out that claiming to be a secret spaceman in contactee circles was an excellent dating strategy. A Swedish contactee used a similar dating tactic by convincing female followers that they were incarnated space women. Obviously it worked very well.

In his 1998 article, Some Memories of George Adamski, ufologist Roy Russell, Brisbane also makes a few comments on Sonja Lyubicin: ”… I mentioned Sonya who lived in Brisbane where she claimed she met Orthon. Sonya, in those earlier days back in the 1950s, had much correspondence with Adamski who in one letter told Sonya to stop thinking about the space people so that her life would not become distorted. In later correspondence GA confirmed that Sonya had indeed met Orthon. It was she Adamski asked to begin the Get Acquainted Program in Australia. Sonya was the most unusual and telepathic person my wife, Pearl, and I have ever met. And on this day, walking with George, he turned to me and (to paraphrase) said with a hint of animated puzzlement, ”Sonya? Geez! I don´t know who she is.”

Roy Russell 1965 (Tony Brunt archive)

Australian UFO researcher Keith Basterfield has kindly provided me with copies of documents from the National Archives of Australia (NAA), relating to Sonja Lyubicin. In one file belonging to the Australian Security Intelligence Agency (ASIO) about the Queensland Flying Saucer Research Bureau there is  a short note about Sonja who ”believed she had travelled in space craft to other planets”. Whether this is a rumour in the Queensland group or claimed by Sonja herself is not explained.

Part of document from ASIO

In the Summer of 1959 Sonja headed off to America to work in a secretarial capacity for George Adamski. She was apparently one of the first, in 1961, to notice some disturbing signs in Adamski´s behavior and claims which later escalated with the controversial Saturn trip and Glendale P.O. Box affair. Lou Zinsstag, Adamski co-worker, relates this episode in George Adamski. The Untold Story, co-written with Timothy Good: ”Henk Hinfelaar had adopted the same position as I with regard to Adamski, and in a letter of April 1965 he told me that Lucy McGinnis had confided in him that it was she who had caught out George in psychic activity, to which Honey had also been witness. Lucy realized that George had betrayed himself, and referred to an additional person, Sonja, a young, enthusiastic and loyal helper in the office, who was the first to discover that Adamski was ”going off beam”.” (p. 85)

There has been many theories and much speculation of what happened to Adamski in the beginning of the 1960s when he claimed that he had met ”a new set of boys”. Were they secret intelligence operatives, trained experts in mind control or ”evil” space people bent on destroying his work and reputation? Adamski mentioned to Lou Zinsstag, in a private meeting 1959, that he had powerful adversaries and that ”they are slowly circling me in”. (George Adamski. The Untold Story, p. 35) Whatever happened ”they” obviously more or less destroyed his work and credibility.
Sonja Lyubicin ended her work with Adamski because of the disturbing signs. She had married California aerospace executive Robert Long in 1960, a close friend of Carol Honey, who also worked for the aerospace industry. Lou Zinsstag and Timothy Good interviewed Carol Honey on November 19, 1979 and he found Sonja to be a very enigmatic woman:

Lou Zinsstag and George Adamski (Tony Brunt archive)

”Tim: You wrote that you had independent confirmation that at least two of George´s contacts were genuine. Could you tell us the source of information for that?
Carol: Well, part of it was Sonja… There was no way she could know of things that she was telling me unless she´s actually been part of it. You see I have a secret clearance with the government – I still do, with the Department of Defence – and some of the stuff that she would tell me – there´s no way she could have known, period, unless she´d actually been in on something or had some kind of experience. So there´s no way I can prove it – it´s proof to me but to nobody else.”

Carol Honey had asked Sonja how she could have been so sure already in Australia that George Adamski was a genuine contactee. She said her boyfriend in Australia was working for Australian Intelligence and had one time showed her classified documents with photos of Adamski and other contactees naming which were authentic and which were false. ”She said that because of that she knew he had something. Well, she could have lied about that, too, you know, so what does that prove? But I don´t think she did”.

First page from Sonja´s Letter Talk no 3

After some time Sonja was divorced from Robert Long and on July 12, 1979 married an extremely wealthy man, William Paul Appleton, one of the heirs to the Appleton Rum fortune. He owned much land in Hawaii and that is where the couple settled. By the middle of the 1980s Sonja had split from Appleton but she spent the latter part of her life in Hawaii, where she died on July 2, 1989.

In 1985 a friend of journalist and ufologist Tony Brunt, Kaaren B. visited Sonja, who was living in an expensive apartment in Honolulu. The Russel´s son, Mark, was also visiting Hawaii at the same time and was staying with Sonja. ”They tried to nail Sonya down about her space contacts. All that she would say was that she did a lot of work for the military and wasn´t able to discuss it… Kaaren got the impression that Sonya acted in a liaison role between the space people and the US government.” (email from Tony Brunt, August 24, 2012).

Tony Brunt is the only researcher of my sources who have personally met and talked to Sonja Lyubicin. Tony met Sonja in the early 1980s during a visit she made to Auckland to visit her friends Henk and Brenda Hinfelaar. She told the Hinfelaars that she had visited the White Sands range in New Mexico for meetings. In his 2012 email Tony Brunt gives a summary of his views on Sonja:
”Sonya was a mystery woman in many ways, making veiled comments about extraordinary experiences that she said that she had had. She was a difficult woman to nail down about the exact nuts and bolts of the ‘secret’ life that she had led and was leading. Whether this air of mystery was a fabrication that hid very little or whether she had in fact carried on a secret life in the UFO ‘contact’ field we may never know. The primary claim she made – or inferred – right until near the end of her life was that she was an occasional or regular contactee with Adamski’s space people. She asserted clearly, but in her typically evasive way, that she also acted in a liaison role with the US government, specifically the military… She was either hiding genuinly secret activity or was a fraud who liked to project an air of mystery.”

Sonja Lyubicin´s greetings to Swedish friend Edith Nicolaisen (backside of Adamski poster)

There is one aspect of contactee life and claims that is seldom mentioned and very well expressed in the classic Winston Churchill quote that ”truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies”. If contactees like George Adamski, Sonja Lyubicin and others really are in contact with and secretly working together with benevolent groups of alien visitors, then a certain amount of deception may be necessary to protect themselves. I have found this aspect both in esoteric history and UFO contacts. Helena Blavatsky, the founder of Theosophy, when confronted with an unwanted student or journalist told impossible and ridiculous stories to get rid of the person. Swedish contactee Richard Höglund told ufologist Ernst Linder that his contact experience was a lie, invented as a compensatory fantasy because of a difficult childhood. Later Richard told his close friend Gösta Johansson that he tried to get rid on Ernst Linder investigating him by saying that his contact was a fake. To this day Ernst Linder believes that Richard Höglund was a fraud, so the ”bodyguard of lies” worked. This strategy of "blinds"can of course easily backfire and create more problem than solutions.

What would be my final assessment of the contact claims of Sonja Lyubicin? I really have no definite answer. Perhaps more data could solve the enigma of her life. Sonja was either an adventurous and highly fantasy-prone personality jumping on the contactee bandwagon of the 1950s or a woman with a secret mission, involving alien visitors.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A Rare George Adamski Interview

While reviewing , sorting and scanning documents from the very extensive BSRF archive donated to AFU I now and then find some unusual and rare items.  Founder and first director Meade Layne established several channels for distribution of borderland science information. Besides the magazines Round Robin and the somewhat more esoteric The Flying Roll associates  regularly received small serial publications called Clips, Quotes & Comments, BSRA Personal Bulletin and BSRA Release.  For many years I have been intrigued by and trying to find Release 1-B-53 published in January 1953 as announced in Round Robin, January-February 1953.

When I read this ad I immediately realized that it must be a historically unique document. A meeting at the Palomar Gardens on January 3, 1953, the home of George Adamski. And this only a few weeks after the historic November 20, 1952 contact in the desert and the return of the craft on December 13, 1952, resulting in the classic Scout Ship photos. At first I assumed that this meeting was a channeling session with medium Mark Probert at the Adamski home, but there is no mention of Mark Probert participating. When I recently discovered Release 1-B-53 in the BSRF archive it proved to be an even more fascinating document – Meade Layne interviewing George Adamski and George Hunt Williamson regarding their contact experience of November 20, 1952. I have never seen this interview acknowledged or referenced by any ufologist or researcher of the 1950s contactees.

In the Round Robin issue of January-February 1953 Meade Layne endorsed Adamski and Williamson as genuine contactees: ”There is not the slightest doubt, in my mind, about the ”reality” and factuality of the landing and interview, or about the integrity of Dr. Williamson and Mr. Adamski”. The contact had also been confirmed as authentic by one of the Inner Circle members, Yada Di Shi´Ite. During a trance session with Mark Probert, December 1, 1952 the Yada claimed that he and his associates had read the published account, studied the drawing of the footprints and the plaster casts, had visited the homes of all persons concerned and listened to their thoughts and conversations and finally examined the desert site of the incident. The Yada concluded:  ”The story is in the main true. The Disc did land and Mr. Adamski did carry on a conversation with the operator of said ship. But brother Adamski was so excited he does not remember clearly all that was said. This particular ship was from the planet Venus. We would like to remind you however, that the intense heat on that body, due to its proximity to the sun and an atmosphere heavy with carbon dioxide, make it highly unlikely or impossible that beings with the same organic structure as earth-man could abide on its surface. The Venus beings live in the ether of this planet."

Painting of Yada Di Shi´Ite by Mark Probert

There were about a dozen people present at the Palomar Gardens meeting, January 3, 1953, which lasted some three hours. Unfortunately no tape recording was made. The transcription comes from stenographic notes where mistakes and misunderstanding of what was said may easily occur. But still this interview must be regarded as unique and of great interest to all researchers of the UFO contactee enigma. Here I will present a few quotes and comments on what was said during the interview.

”George Adamski: … The mother ship appeared and a B-36 orbing it while the others (planes) were watching.”

In Flying Saucers Have Landed and on several other occasions Adamski and the other witnesses mention the presence of U.S. military aircraft who obviously observed the space ships and what was happening on the ground. Both George Adamski and George Van Tassel later claimed to have been informed by Air Force pilots that the November 20, 1952 contact was filmed from the air. If this information is correct some U.S. military intelligence group was aware of that Adamski was in contact with a group of alien visitors. Was this the reason he was later given a passport with special privileges and also held a U.S. Government Ordnance Department Card, allowing access to military bases and to certain restricted areas? To his Swiss co-worker Lou Zinsstag he once said: ”My heart is a graveyard of secrets”.

Lou Zinsstag

”Francis Ohm: Yes, we understood you had gone on a picnic…
George Adamski: Rick came down here and talked to me and he said, whenever you go we would like to be there. I got an impression to go and notified them by telephone. The mother ship gave instructions as to how to go. It went just ahead of us and we followed it. It stopped and turned and we picked up the instrument and she stayed there – that was where she (the mother ship) wanted us to be. The other one (the Disc) was already sitting there.”

This statement gives a more detailed information on how the group found the contact location than what is presented in Flying Saucers Have Landed.

”George Adamski: As to that woman in the ship – the ship was translucent. The figure might have been a man but looked somewhat like a woman. The stuff the ship was made of was hard as the devil”

The relevant text in Flying Saucers Have Landed reads: ”It was translucent and of exquisite colour. As we approached it, I suddenly became aware of a shadowy form moving within the ship, but there were no definite outlines and I could not say whether it was a man or a woman.” (pp. 205-206).

Photo by George Adamski, December 13, 1952. Notice the translucent "landing gear" on the left

”Francis Ohm: Did you ask directly to go to his ship?
George Adamski: He did not exactly deny me but he did not want me to go in and I could see why. All the time our own ships (planes) were out there. If I had gone in they might have thought he was capturing me. I do not know where our planes came from but they were there.”

Here again is a clear reference that even Adamski himself found it surprising that U.S. planes knew of this visit by the space ships.

George Adamski

There are still many unsolved riddles in the life and contact experiences of George Adamski.  But I am confident that history will prove that, as my late friend, ufologist Franck Boitte expressed it, ”there is in the George Adamski saga much more than meets the eye”.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

From Outer Space To You

It is generally a good idea to return to the classics in any genre. This also goes for UFO literature. Rereading a book after ten or twenty years is a rewarding experience. You will discover new data and ideas you didn´t notice before. The reason, of course, is that you are, in many ways, not the same person reading the book the second or third time. Hopefully you have advanced in knowledge, experience, intellectual and spiritual discernment. I have made it a habit to reread, especially the contactee classics of the 1950s as there is in my view a deeper mystery involved in what happened during that era. The classic chosen for this blog is From Outer Space to You by Howard Menger.

In several earlier blog entries I have presented various aspects of the controversial contact experiences of Howard Menger. He is one of the few public 1950s contactees I regard as genuine, although he later became involved with a secret U.S. military intelligence group, which complicated his life and contacts. The evidence for the reality of Menger´s contacts are many and varied but here I will concentrate on the philosophical and spiritual message of his book as related to The Esoteric Tradition or The Ancient Wisdom.

Howard and Connie Menger

A short summary of my arguments for advocating this position:
1. Many years of field investigation and research on physical contactees have convinced me that contacts and co-operation with alien visitors from somewhere is a reality.
2.  There is both empirical and circumstantial evidence indicating that the following 1950s public contactees were authentic: George Adamski, Orfeo Angelucci, Daniel Fry, George and Dorris Van Tassel, Howard Menger.
3. The experiences and articles of journalist and esotericist Paul M. Vest and others imply that several individuals in the 1950s were openly or covertly involved in a psychological and sociological test implemented by a benevolent group of alien visitors.
4. The message or worldview presented by this group is generally in accordance with The Esoteric Tradition.
5. The assertion, in the 1930s and 1940s, by Alice Bailey´s teacher The Tibetan D.K. that ”extraplanetary beings stand ready to intervene” and ”offer their help at this time”.

The following quotes are from the original 1959 Saucerian Books edition of From Outer Space To You. I will not refer to statements in the book of basic facts in esotericism such as multiverse reality, evolution of consciousness, reincarnation, karma etc. but to more specialized information also found in The Esoteric Tradition.

”I was worried about my inability to fully comprehend all they were telling me. I had little or no education in the sciences. They told me not to worry, because many of their contacts were trained scientists who could understand their technology and now could even duplicate some of their instruments. "It's fairly easy to find contacts like these, Howard. But people like yourself is a different matter. While scientists can perform certain tasks, few of them would be able to bring the spiritual message to people, as you will be doing.” (p. 91)

This is an interesting aspect of the test made by the alien visitors as contactees were obviously selected based on different qualities and education. In the writings of Howard and Conny Menger the philosophical and esoteric dimension is very prominent, often more so compared to other contactees. Another example is journalist Paul M. Vest who was told by the visitor named Bill that he was approached because ”they are well aware of your deep interest and unusual experiences in the field of metaphysics, religions and the supra-normal”.

Photo of spaceman in front of ship taken by Howard Menger 1956

”Science asks for proof, but how can we prove something which is beyond our sciences? Scientific proof is based on what we perceive with our five senses, not what we know with the use of even more valuable senses. But, somehow, out of these advanced ideas must come a science, a system of some kind; else our unchartered paths will become even wilder. Such a science, a cosmic science, which will involve investigations in to the realm of other senses and dimensions, has already had its humble beginnings; but its patriarchs, like those ancient iconoclasts who announced the world was round and was not the center of the universe, have been persecuted.” (p. 123)

Here is presented a very distinct reference to The Esoteric Tradition as the science of the future. Not some naive and irrational philosophy but a true science of the multiverse as exact as any academic disclipline. The Tibetan teacher D.K. often explained this to his amanuensis Alice Bailey: ”One point should here be stated: Esotericism is not in any way of a mystical and vague nature. It is a science – essentially the science of the soul of all things – and has its own terminology, experiments, deductions and laws.” (Alice Bailey, Education In the New Age, p. 64) The philosophical system is Hylozoism, expertly elucidated by Swedish esotericist Henry T.Laurency.

Alice Bailey

”Let us assume that there is on this planet a group of scientifically minded and spiritually dedicated men and women who are working to accomplish this great task. And, let us further assume that they have already established contacts with equally dedicated people of other planets. To continue their work and remain effective, they must of necessity remain behind the scenes.” (p. 7)

This is actually Connie Menger explaining the ongoing relation and co-operation between our planetary guardians (Hierarchy) and people of other planets, often mentioned in the esoteric literature. That there is co-operation between the planetary and interplanetary guardians was confirmed by that extraordinary organization Borderland Sciences Research Association (BSRA) in 1951. Here is a quote from Seance Memoranda From the Inner Circle, November 28, 1951: ”There is a certain secret work going on at present between the Etherians and certain high earth authorities (You understand, I suppose, that I do not use the word ”high” in the usual sense. I am referring to those belonging to some of the secret Lodges on Earth). This work has to do with the great possibility of the Earth´s destruction… These men have landed in Australia in a secret landing field. They have not only been to Scotland, but to high authorities in England, and to a few of your men and women here of high standing (I refer to the secret Orders).” (p. 30)

”There are also space craft, though of inferior design, which are built by people of this planet. These people are in communication and in service with people from other planets. They are people who possess a high spiritual understanding and have reached an awareness of natural law; therefore they have been entrusted with information enabling them to construct such craft.” (p. 159)

Howard Menger

This statement is intriguing and could be compared with the esoteric intervention theory as expounded by Jacques Vallee. Connoisseurs of esotericism are aware of that the core group of planetary guardians (adepts) have no need of ”saucers” as their knowledge of ”magic” makes such transportation uncalled-for. But secret lodges working together with the planetary and interplanetary guardians could very well have received basic knowledge of Vimana construction. To my knowledge there is no reference to such help in the so far published esoteric literature. A very controversial contactee declaring that secret brotherhoods use flying saucers is the late Richard Kieninger, which I have discussed in an earlier blog entry. In esoteric literature we find only mention of Vimana technology during the Atlantean period: ”Most of our modern scientific knowledge was possessed by these priest-kings and constituted in the eyes of the masses a form of wonderful magic. Sanitation, hygiene, means of transportation and air machines were developed and of a very high order; these were not the result however of man´s achievement, but gifts from the Hierarchy, developed or constructed under a wise guidance.” (Alice Bailey, The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p. 122).

”My friend, this earth is the battlefield of Armageddon, and the battle is for men´s minds and souls… You don´t know Howard, that there is a very powerful group on this planet, which possesses tremendous knowledge of technology, psychology, and most unfortunate of all, advanced brain therapy… This group has been infiltrating religious organizations to dupe your peoples into a distorted concept of a truth which enveloped your planet thousands of years ago. They are using the credulity and simple faith of many people to attain their own ends.” (pp. 143-144)

This is not a very comforting message. Esotericists are aware of that our planet has been chosen as a sort of interplanetary Alcatraz and that there is also an organized effort to keep humanity enslaved by inhuman and destructive religious ideas. This was clearly explained already during the first communications in the 19th century by the Adept K.H.: ”… the chief cause of nearly two thirds of the evils that pursue humanity — ever since that cause became a power. It is religion under whatever form and in whatsoever nation. It is the sacerdotal caste, the priesthood and the churches; it is in those illusions that man looks upon as sacred, that he has to search out the source of that multitude of evils which is the great curse of humanity and that almost overwhelms mankind… It is belief in God and Gods that makes two-thirds of humanity the slaves of a handful of those who deceive them under the false pretense of saving them.” (The Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett, Letter 10, September 1882, pp. 57-58).

Today most of the world religions have been reformed by the ideas from the Renaissance, The Enlightenment and The Modern Project. Unfortunately this is not the case with Islam, who in its present form must be regarded as a grave menace to freedom and world peace. Unless powerful reformers does not appear within Islam during the coming decades, there is a real danger of a brutal clash of civilisations or religious war.

The future prospects of humanity on this planet are not very bright unless something extraordinary happens. The coming of the planetary guardians may be the historical event that will change history. Many years after the active contact experiences Howard and Connie Menger summarized the whole episode with the visitors in their book The High Bridge Incident: ”Even if they were not extraterrestrials, they were intelligent, advanced people who had a technology to be envied and a philosophy that was inspiring. Maybe, they are the prototype of the enlightened, advanced human race on earth to come. If so, we can have hope for the future.” (p. 108).